Hunter Davis at Orange Cup Regatta – First Win Oct. 16, 2021

Hunter Davis at Orange Cup Regatta First Win. Hunter placed Second in the first heat and placed first in the second heat at the Orange Cup Regatta in Lakeland Florida. He received a first-place medal for day one of the race. He got his first win under belt and GOT WET- courtesy of Mike Allen, of course.

Congratulations, Hunter!

Pier 21 Marine has its roots in boat racing. As a result, they are always focused on performance. When you bring your boat to Pier 21 Marine they treat it as if it were their own, providing you with top performance.

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Billy Allen started racing boats in 1968.

His son, Michael, followed in his footsteps. The family spent weekends on the road, traveling to race after race. During those 20 years, regional, divisional, national- and even- world titles had his name on them!

In 2019, Mike’s stepson, Hunter, hopped in the driver’s seat for his time to shine.

Enjoy the photos and video of Hunter Davis at Orange Cup Regatta.