What is an Ocean-Tamer Bean Bag Boat Seat?

Ocean Tamer Bean Bag Boat Seat | Pier 21 Marine
Ocean-Tamer Bean Bag Boat Seat Colors and Styles.

Ocean-Tamer Bean bag Boat Seat. Now, this is a great idea! It’s a bean bag for a boat and it takes the ROUGH out of a rough ride. Move it from boat to boat, clean it with a hose, and store it in a playroom where it will be the first seat to be claimed.

It absorbs the shock of rough water when riding in your boat. It’s lightweight and easy to hose off.

You will fall asleep in this Bean Bag Boat Seat even in rough water.

Watch the Ocean-Tamer video and we bet you’ll agree.

Add fun to your boat with an Ocean-Tamer Bean Bag Boat seat!

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